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Lift With Confidence: Movement Replacements Are Here

With movement replacements on Tonal, you can substitute exercises without sacrificing results.

A Tonal screen shows a man working out, and various exercises are scrolling through at the bottom.
  • Tonal now offers movement replacements for your workout routine at home  
  • Swap any move in a workout — Tonal will suggest options for the same muscle region or for active recovery 
  • Use movement replacements to discover alternatives for when you’re exercising with an injury
  • Replace moves without compromising on results — Tonal will suggest alternative options that still give you the most effective workout

Sometimes during a workout, certain moves don’t always feel right. You may be in recovery, exercising with an injury, or your body simply needs an alternative option. You asked, and we delivered: movement replacements are here! One of the Tonal Community’s most requested features, and built to amplify your workout on a personal level. This game-changer allows you to adapt moves within a workout, accommodating your body’s needs and helping you lift with more confidence.

Swap Any Movement in Your Workouts

There’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to strength training — everyone’s body is different. Tonal already offers the most personalized connected fitness workout routine at home, and Movement Replacements take the experience one step further.

Workouts That Adjust To You

Find alternate moves for the same muscle region from Tonal’s extensive library of options, and adapt every workout to your body’s needs. Replacing a move doesn’t mean compromising on results, you’ll get alternative options that still give you an effective workout.

Let Nothing Hold You Back

Take control of your workout by choosing replacement moves, or active recovery, for when you come across something you can’t do because of an injury or strain.

If you find a move too hard, for example, goblet squats — no problem! You can replace it with an exercise more in tune with what you’re feeling. Or, if you’re feeling up for a challenge, replace it with something that pushes you further.

Discover More Workouts and Programs

Thanks to movement replacements, you can try new programs that you may not have considered before — knowing you can easily swap in new moves to suit where you are in your journey.

How it Works

Replacing a move on Tonal is easy.

sample workout routine at home with Tonal

Select Your Workout

Select your workout, and before you start exercising, review the Workout Details. You will see each move listed in the breakdown of your workout. Next to each exercise, there will be an arrow: tapping this will give you a preview of the move and a selection of alternatives targeting the same muscle region. Movement Replacements are available for all workouts except for High Intensity, off-Tonal workouts, and Coaches From Home content.

Preview and Select Your Replacement Move

Preview each replacement move before selecting the one you want to swap. Keep in mind that movement replacements do not include adaptations or instructions for how to use Tonal while injured. Listen to your body: if something doesn’t feel right — don’t do it.

Replace Moves During a Workout

With movement replacements, you can also swap in new moves during your actual workout.

Being able to tailor your workout routine at home will keep you motivated and make you stronger in the long run. If you come across an exercise that isn’t right for your body, it doesn’t have to hold you back. Movement Replacements will help you find an alternate exercise that feels good and helps you get stronger.  

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